The Lice Battle Plan Privacy Policy

I believe in keeping your personal information private.

Hello, my name is Nurse Kevin.  You and I have never met personally, but I will bet that we share the same interests.  You and I are school nurses and if you and I sat to share a cup of coffee, tea, or even a bottled water, we would probably find that we have a lot more in common.

Assuming that we do have a lot in common, then it is my conjecture (whew! a big word) that you have an extreme dislike to receiving unsolicited email messages or spam.  Forgive my presumption, but I am also assuming that you do not like any of you personal information given out to anyone (at all).

When visiting The School Nurse Head Lice Battle Plan, I will offer my personal guarantee that I will not, at anytime, nor under any circumstance give out any information you share with me…PERIOD!



RID contains pyrethrum and NIX contains permethrin. But what does that mean? Is one better than the other at killing lice and what about all those eggs?


You’ve found lice on a head in your home. WHAT THE HECK!? Okay, don’t sweat. You’ve got this. Read this LICE BATTLE PLAN and get them bugs gone!!


Learn more about lice. You have an 2-38% chance of lice coming into your home this year. The more you know about these pests the better prepared you’ll be.

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