The School Nurse Lice Battle Plan

Part 2: A Brief History of Lice

Head lice just don’t show up on a human head without the bugs having ‘traveled’ from some other head. Period. If you or yours has lice, the bugs came from another head either directly (most likely) or indirectly (less likely).

They discovered a nit (see terminology) on a human hair found at a burial site that dated 10,000 years old (around 8,000 BC). That’s pretty old. That site was in Brazil. Another site in Israel revealed an 11,000-year-old nit. Keep in mind that these discovery sites are on two different sides of the world. It tells us that it is likely that the whole of the human population has been fighting lice since the dawn of time.



RID contains pyrethrum and NIX contains permethrin. But what does that mean? Is one better than the other at killing lice and what about all those eggs?


You’ve found lice on a head in your home. WHAT THE HECK!? Okay, don’t sweat. You’ve got this. Read this LICE BATTLE PLAN and get them bugs gone!!


Learn more about lice. You have an 2-3% chance of lice coming into your home this year. The more you know about these pests the better prepared you’ll be.

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