The School Nurse Lice Battle Plan

An Itchy Subject

Head lice or otherwise known as Pediculus humanus capitis, is here to stay. As long as there are heads of hair, there will be head lice. The program outlined in this website will be your go-to resource for avoiding lice, killing lice and keeping lice out of your and your family's hair. I am Nurse Kevin, author of Go See The Nurse, and have put together a battle plan to attack lice and kill the bugs and its eggs.

The lice battle plan is divided into three parts. The Table of Contents will give you the best over-all view of the battle plan.

Nix vs Rid: Which is Better?

The Lice Battle Plan - Do this Now!

All About Head Lice - To Keep It Gone!

There's a 97-98% chance that you will never find a louse in your hair. However, that's a 2-3% chance each year that you will. And, if that were the lottery statistics, there would be many, many millionaires in the world.

The School Nurse Battle Plan has been formulated by using resources as well as tried-and-true techniques that work. It's a method of treatment that, if followed exactly, will almost guarantee eradication of the bugs from the hair.

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For School Nurses, Teachers and Parents as well as those who's luck just "ran out;" this program is for you. Nurse Kevin

Head Lice



RID contains pyrethrum and NIX contains permethrin. But what does that mean? Is one better than the other at killing lice and what about all those eggs?


You’ve found lice on a head in your home. WHAT THE HECK!? Okay, don’t sweat. You’ve got this. Read this LICE BATTLE PLAN and get them bugs gone!!


Learn more about lice. You have an 2-3% chance of lice coming into your home this year. The more you know about these pests the better prepared you’ll be.

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