The most comprehensive delousing method known to people with hair.

School Nurses & Day Cares

Lice-free homes makes for lice-free schools. This section contains the tools you will need to help you help the children and their parents get rid of the head lice and, equally important, keep it gone!

Lice-free homes makes for lice-free schools.

Printables and Downloadables

Many parents, teachers and even nurses do not know how to battle head lice. These downloadable PDF, Power Point Presentations and Word Documents will help you help the community.

For School Nurses, Teachers, Parents, Day Cares & Anyone with Hair.

Nix vs Rid?
RID contains pyrethrum and NIX contains permethrin. But what does that mean? Is one better than the other at killing lice and what about all those eggs?

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Battle Plan
You’ve found lice on a head in your home. WHAT THE HECK!? Okay, don’t sweat. You’ve got this. Read this LICE BATTLE PLAN and get them bugs gone!!

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About Lice
Learn more about lice. You have an 2-3% chance of lice coming into your home this year. The more you know about these pests the better prepared you’ll be.

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Once a Week, Take a Peek!

What is the "Ick Factor?"